It's Great Being a Dad

written by Dan Bar-el
illustrated by Gina Perry
Publisher: Tundra Books
ISBN-10: 177049605X
ISBN-13: 978-1770496057
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A gang of mythical creatures is roaming around a magical land having a great time, until Bigfoot gets his foot stuck in a tree trunk and Unicorn gets her horn impaled on a table and Robot's saw-arm gets rusted into position. But have no fear! Dad is there to fix things--even when a Sneaky Flying Alligator Pirate steals the Fairy Queen Ballerina Doctor's wand. 


“Perry’s wide-eyed, brightly colored fantasy creations wonderfully evoke a pretend-play world where anything can happen but plenty still goes awry.”
--starred review, Publishers Weekly

“Gina Perry’s illustrations for “It’s Great Being a Dad” look almost edible, as if the characters were made of gingerbread and colored frosting.”
--Wall Street Journal

“Dads, fantasy play, and good behavior: a great combination.”

"[A] very different kind of celebration of Father's Day: one which revolves around a unicorn, a ballerina, and a helpful father . . . A zany set of encounters challenges even this special father in a fun story with unpredictable characters and dilemmas."
--Midwest Book Review

"The imaginations of our children are as diverse as their personalities. Whether they’re unicorns, Bigfoot, robots or fairy queen doctors, they all need rescuing from time to time. And the greatest one in the land, who comes to save the day, is Dad! Who wouldn’t want to be a dad?"
--Story Monsters Ink Magazine