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Someday I'll finish this. It was going to be the Thank You cards for my baby shower. Work and life (then baby!) interrupted. Bit by bit. (Bird by Bird?)

Speaking of birds, do you tweet? I caved a few months ago when Dani Jones said illustrators were missing out if they didn't. Would this dilute me even more or enrich my creative life? So far, it's mostly enriching. It's been particularly nice at night when I'm working (or with baby) when quiet is necessary.

I think you can easily go overboard with Twitter by following too many people. It's similar to blogs. Have your close friends and favorites. Rotate some new people to keep it interesting. I'm not claiming to have the most interesting,witty,or focused tweets by any means. I'm also not campaigning for followers (but I welcome you all the same!).

Welcome Home Miles!

Introducing Miles. He was born on February 1st - I can't believe he's already 1 week old, and counting!!! We're all happy and healthy and enjoying our days together as a little family.

New book - Dirty Gertie!

Introducing Dirty Gertie, the guinea pig and early reader. Even though I wasn't expecting this title to be available for purchase until Spring of 2009, I noticed it today on the Picture Window Books website. I had a lot of fun illustrating this earlier in the year and look forward to seeing the book itself soon. Always a nice Christmas present to see something I've illustrated out there in the world.

Technically, it's not even winter yet

Here are a few pictures from last Thursday night's ice storm in NH. We were without power for about 3 days - while others are still waiting it out. We camped out with family and shuffled back in forth to avoid all food spoiling or pipes bursting.
Our neighborhood is filled with these beautiful tall pines that become really scary in weather like this.
Luckily, we avoided any damage to our property, but our neighbors weren't so fortunate. Did you know winter doesn't even begin officially until December 21st!? I wasn't going to post my new header until then but somehow it seemed silly to wait given the weather.

It's a very different scene today. Several inches of snow that might turn over to sleet and ice tonight. I'm holed up painting for a new book - trying to get it done before the end of the year!

Life IS a bowl of cherries!

This weekend I went to an open painting night. This little guy was about 2.5 hours from start (thumbnail sketch and color studies) to finish. There were lots of great setups, but the cherries caught my eye first - bright and cheery. It's strange for me to paint outside my studio, and without much preparation, but it was a great exercise. It was fun to see so many people happily painting and drawing.

Nerd Bird Giveaway - Winner!

I asked my husband to do the draw. And the winner is...
Joey Chappelle! A talented illustrator who was great company for me at last year's SCBWI conference in NY. Congrats Joey! And thank you to everyone who commented. I'll be doing more giveaways for sure, it's definitely fun to share art! So far the Etsy shop has been fun, and I had my first purchase last week, hooray!

Nerd Bird Giveaway!

To celebrate the opening of my new Etsy shop, I'm giving away one lovely Nerd Bird print. Just leave a comment on this post, now until next Friday and I'll randomly pick a winner! (I will only ship to the US or Canada however)

It's the first time I've done a giveaway and I hope to have more in the future. I have about 8 other Nerd Bird prints left which will be available on my Etsy shop - a nice little holiday gift for your favorite Nerd! I'm excited about finally having an Etsy shop and will take anyone's comments or advice - It's a new adventure for me.

I'll announce the winner next Sunday - good luck!