Where do books come from?


Before becoming a mother, I had a very different picture of where books come from, and what families were reading. Now that I have a 1 year old, I feel like I was under a rock sometimes about the industry. Not that I ever claimed to be an expert, but there's nothing like motherhood to give you a new perspective.


Our books come from: My own collection from childhood through present day, the independent bookstore, the library, friends, family, book parties, toy stores, Old Navy, BJs, Marshalls, yardsales, and sooner than I can imagine - the scholastic book club.


I've grown to appreciate all kinds of books - reaching way past picture books. Novelty books are especially fun for a toddler. Last week we saw a whole shelf of "That's not my ..." Usborne books at the library, with multiple copies of most. I eagerly grabbed "That's not my Penguin" and it's been a hit all week. That fuzzy penguin belly on the cover is well loved by the local kids, it's evident in it's grimy, worn down appearance.

Have I missed any other places where books come from?