We like to rock the party


Who didn't (or doesn't still) want to be a rock star? Who's recently played guitar hero and felt a taste of (virtual) fame?

I wanted to add a new piece to my portfolio before the NY SCBWI Winter conference in a few weeks. Looking at my book, and sketching a few different scenarios I really just got stuck on this idea. I tried to do my diligence with researching instruments and hand positions. I'll have to map out the keys for the keyboard when I do the final sketch on watercolor paper. I'm also planning on playing around a bit with the background - not sure if those horizontal bands will be solid or patterned colors. I also might add in a little text (like: Becky, lead vocals and guitar) with arrows...  If any readers see flaws/issues in the sketch I would love to hear them (especially before I start painting!)

Up next: a color study!

(oh, and in case you're wondering about the blog-title: I'm a big Flight of the Conchords fan)