Waiting for Baby

This picture was taken last weekend, with just a few weeks (I hope!) to go. The blanket behind me was crocheted by my mother for me when I was a baby and it's still in beautiful condition, just waiting for baby to arrive and get wrapped up! The nursery is all ready, the bags are packed, and even though there's a snowstorm outside I'd be happy to welcome baby boy ANY time now! I escaped swollen legs/ankles/feet, but my hands have been pretty swollen and miserable the past week or two, making sketching and painting more challenging.
I still have hopes to finish those baby shower thank you cards before he arrives, but I'm just going with the flow here and relaxing a bit in between running to the doctor, last minute errands, and doing some design work. I might try a different technique (digital, half ink, half digital?) just to make things easier on my hands and belly-at-drafting-table.

p.s. does anyone know WHAT is up with Typepad? My posts are stuck to underline mode, even when I 'unclick' or edit the html, it revert to underline. ugggh.