Visions & Voices Exhibit

On Friday night I drove down to Newtonville, MA for the opening reception of the Visions & Voices exhibit at the New Art Center. The exhibit features the work of 13 different children's book illustrators. I'm always thrilled to see original children's illustrations. Just seeing the scale, the brushstrokes, the true nature of the medium before it is altered by scanning and reproducing really excites me. I particularly enjoyed seeing Giselle Potter's (and here) paintings. The painting below was featured in the show.


She works in gouache which is my current medium of choice so seeing her delicate lines and details within a large painting filled with broad solid washes was so interesting to me technically. She really has mastered such a delicate medium. The last Giselle Potter book I read (The Honest to Goodness Truth) left me a bit blah regarding her treatment of young female faces, and I still sort of dislike them. But the older women, boys, and men had charming and interesting faces in all the pieces in this show.

I also enjoyed Rebecca Doughty, Yumi Heo, and Donald Saaf's work. If you live anywhere near Boston I suggest you check out the show! It's also VERY kid friendly. I think the kids outnumbered the adults at the reception and the gallery website lists several days of kid-geared events throughout the exhibit.