Underwater Boy, Frame 8

One fun thing about working on this series has been that each new one I'm working on is my 'favorite'. When I was finalizing the story, I wanted a 'fun' frame where the boy interacted a bit with sealife. I originally thought that giant eels would be fun. The more I researched, the more I felt uncomfortable about 'eels'. The big beautiful eels (and some of them are gorgeous!) are really AGGRESSIVE! I didn't think that worked with the whole concept of fun and friendly play. The smaller eels were classified as less aggressive but they were just too small. Then I came across the oarfish. These are real creatures that had been believed to be mythical. This is how you (I think!) would see oarfish at great depths. Closer to the surface they swim vertically, mostly for feeding. Check out the link for videos, it's pretty cool!