Underwater Boy, Frame 12


This is the final frame in a 12 part series I have been calling "Underwater Boy". I have a few other working titles but it's time to pick something. I'll be working on an accordion structure so I can mail a few of these out to select clients (and hopeful future clients!). I'll also need to update my website by including the series and feature them on my homepage.

I should also say that this is the first 'chapter' of this boy's story since I'm obviously not wrapping things up neatly here.

This was the longest project like this I've done to date and I certainly learned alot. The biggest thing I learned (boy I hope I learned!) is to work BIGGER!!!! These are all 4"x8" and that is just too tiny. Poor little boy in frame 12 is barely 1/2" high. Actually, I really learned alot about painting with gouache and am very excited to work on something new (and bigger, I promise!).

For anyone who has been clicking around on the series painfully because I did not post them in sequential order I apologize! I will post an update when they are on my website so you can see them in natural order.