Tomie dePaola at UNH

This afternoon I went to see a taped (for NHPTV) interview of Tomie dePaola by Rebecca Rule. I've seen Tomie dePaola speak before and knew he would be colorful and entertaining. Here's the cover of one of his books that I do really like. Sadly, I don't remember reading ANY of his books growing up even though I was a voracious reader.

I was hoping to be inspired, especially given the fact that he has written (and illustrated) over 200 books for children. What I took away from the day were these three things:

1. Tomie said, "we all have a story to tell." He draws upon a lot of his own childhood stories for his books. It's something I haven't explored much yet and will try... soon! It seems like a very authentic way to tell a story.

2. I think Rebecca Rule is an incredibly talented storyteller (and interviewer). I had forgotten that long ago I listened to her on NPR and meant to look her up. This week I'll have to see if our local library has her book of short stories, The Best Revenge.

3. That I really should take care of my hands/wrist/shoulder/elbow. Tomie was unable to sign books due to a recent carpal tunnel surgery which left him with a lot of numbness. It's the third time this week I've heard from another artist about work-related injuries. My elbow pain is pretty mild, but I should work on stretches and other exercises as Vita has recommended, she is very smart!