The Bike Race, in progress


I thought I would share part of a work-in-progress. The grass will be done last since it's the lowest part of the illustration and most likely to get trashed while I work in detail on all the animals. This is my first 'bigger' piece in gouache, about 15.5"x10". I do need to get a new block of arches and I'll have to get bigger than 12x16 to accommodate larger spreads. So far everything is going as planned with the piece. I love seeing this versus the photoshop color study, those black outlines are just so dominant.

I'm also sharing this because I won't be working on it until next week. I'm heading out west to do some freelance art direction. It's a good chance for me to travel someplace new, and fill my sketchbooks with all sorts of fun (and non-New Hampshire) scenery. I'm taking my big sketchbook, stylist pens, and watercolor pencils. I don't usually add color in my sketchbooks but I want to try something different AND portable. Hopefully it's a good week and I have lots to share when I return!