Bird or Monkey? Rejected Sketches


I love that you can randomly ask "Bird or Monkey" on twitter and get lots of responses that aren't "What are you talking about?". Community rocks, people.


These are my rejected sketches for a small promo I'm doing next month. I wasn't sure if I should go with the Auntie Lou bird at the top, or the Monkey below. The middle one didn't even make the 'semi-finals'. I loved the Auntie Lou bird but it was too complex for a 2.5" square image. She's part of an unfinished picture book story dedicated to my zany Auntie Louise (she did deliver fish to friends, even in her 80's! Not by bicycle though) The monkey pose was fun and active but didn't really make sense or tell a story. That middle one is just a mess!


I went with a different sketch entirely, but it happened to be the first image in my mind, and actually includes both a bird AND a monkey. Go figure!

PB&J, Back and better than ever!


Have you heard the news? Picture Book Junkies are back! We've got a new and fabulous member, a fresh website, and are the sammich to follow on Twitter.

I'm so excited for our renewal. These ladies are so talented and supportive, I think we all knew it was only a matter of time before we relaunched. This week will be a bit of a reintroduction. Come check us out!

Tweet Tweet 2


And slowly I paint. I do paint very methodically - background to foreground, characters last. Describing it sounds dull, but it's my favorite part of the process - seeing the final picture emerging.

And to make more comments re: Twitter... I wish I had more time to tweet randomly throughout the day. I sort of tweet in bursts which is less than ideal for readers. Usually I catch up at naptime from my PC, or nursing time from my iTouch (which I am utterly addicted to since Miles' birth - perfect for new mommies, esp. if you nurse and need a quiet distraction to get you through the long nights).

Tweet Tweet


Someday I'll finish this. It was going to be the Thank You cards for my baby shower. Work and life (then baby!) interrupted. Bit by bit. (Bird by Bird?)

Speaking of birds, do you tweet? I caved a few months ago when Dani Jones said illustrators were missing out if they didn't. Would this dilute me even more or enrich my creative life? So far, it's mostly enriching. It's been particularly nice at night when I'm working (or with baby) when quiet is necessary.

I think you can easily go overboard with Twitter by following too many people. It's similar to blogs. Have your close friends and favorites. Rotate some new people to keep it interesting. I'm not claiming to have the most interesting,witty,or focused tweets by any means. I'm also not campaigning for followers (but I welcome you all the same!).