Monday Reads


This week was a little Thomas heavy. For my own sanity, I'm going to limit us to one Thomas book from the library at a time.

1. Hurry Hurry: The language is a little simple for the boy, but the pictures are beautiful and such a sweet farm story. Farm animals are very en vogue.

2. The Foot Book: Sing-songy and catchy. A smart and easy way to learn a few opposites.

3 & 4. Thomas gets a Snowplow and The Special Delivery: What's the deal with the 'Really Useful Engines'. I need to look into this before my child joins some sort of junior engineer group - it's a little creepy, right?

5. Amelia Bedelia: Ah, a blast from my past. He calls her 'Melia Delia' - I'm sure he'll tire of her before we run out of these books from my own collection!