Sneak Peek: Ducky


Here's a little corner of a new piece I'm finishing up. It's from a baby board book so I'm enjoying a bit looser and more textured feel for it.
I'm juggling a few fun projects, one of them is a BRAND NEW WEBSITE. It's long overdue. I have my Giant and Fairy postcards totally labeled and ready for posting, but I'm holding off until I get the website up - great motivation, right?

Giant & Fairies, sneak peek


I'm not quite done with my Giant & Fairies piece, but I'm getting VERY close. I'll be working on a black and white companion to the story for the back of the postcard, and maybe a third piece to save for my website. It's been fun to work on something with such a different color palette and mood.

If you're interested, I've shared lots of process pics over on instagram. I hope to make a video process piece next time around!

Playing with Color (Media & Style)


Here we go again. Following up on my last post, playing with black & white, I'm experimenting with style! Nothing major. I'm starting with gouache, then adding a soft pencil layer on top in photoshop. I was playing around with all the different ways to 'add' a pencil layer and it brought me right back to my days as a compositor for animation. It's way more fun to play with effects on my own work. I've been painting for so long, I nearly forgot all my digital roots!


Here's a super close-up. I'm pretty excited about how this is coming together, especially for this picture book dummy project. It needs a more playful feel, and I think this might just be the look I was going for!

Sketchbook Project 2012: Shhhh


This might be one of my favorite spreads from the book. It's also, chronologically, the last spread. I really tried to have a light touch and leave lots of white space and unresolved details.

Heres a detail:


This one is just gouache and pencil. I have several single pages to fill in plus room to add thumbnail sketches and a little bio on the last page.