The Studio


The studio has been mostly complete for a long time but in a terrible state of disorder. I cleaned it before Miles' birthday party so I thought, what a great time to take pictures and share them!

A collection of photos, art from Johnny Yanok, Charley Harper, etc. and a beautiful mobile from my husband.


Bookshelf with knick-knackery moved out of Miles' reach. His 'confinement castle' as I call it seen at the bottom. Since he's learning to walk, I'm only able to 'confine' him for a brief email check or join him for coloring. Oh, and do you see my lovely Amy Ruppel painting? My birthday gift last year from my husband. It's a rare treat for me to have an original.


Ah, the 'puter. The frames have vintage hankies as mats, I should be able to swap the pictures out as time goes on, but I love this group still.


My very lonely drafting table. It's been an embarrassingly long time since I've painted. The paper garland made great use of my old job's bounty - scrapbooking paper! The idea came from Geninne. I constantly look at that poster and say to myself 'Keep Calm Curry On'. I'd love to tell you so much more but naptime is over!!!! Ask questions! Here, or on twitter!