Lilla Rogers: Global Talent Search, Round 1 Entry

I'm really excited to be entering the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search competition. I've been away from the world of licensing from a very long time, but in my absence I feel like I've really refined my overall style. (click the image for a bigger version, FYI)


Pulling from those roots of designing art for the scrapbooking and stationery market, I mixed my usual gouache style with a bit of texture and punched the color up BIG TIME. Regardless of the outcome, I'm glad I pushed myself in a new direction and got a small start on redesigning my branding.



I leave you to enjoy the long weekend with this little guy. Inspired by my own little monkey (boy) who could smell flowers all day long.

This is my illustration for a Picture Book Junkies mailer due out this summer. It's gouache, colored pencil, ink, cut paper (hot & cold press). I'm waiting on Vistaprint for my own mailer, which I'm SUPER excited to share - but I'm waiting until it hits the art directors and editors desks first.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Bird or Monkey? Rejected Sketches


I love that you can randomly ask "Bird or Monkey" on twitter and get lots of responses that aren't "What are you talking about?". Community rocks, people.


These are my rejected sketches for a small promo I'm doing next month. I wasn't sure if I should go with the Auntie Lou bird at the top, or the Monkey below. The middle one didn't even make the 'semi-finals'. I loved the Auntie Lou bird but it was too complex for a 2.5" square image. She's part of an unfinished picture book story dedicated to my zany Auntie Louise (she did deliver fish to friends, even in her 80's! Not by bicycle though) The monkey pose was fun and active but didn't really make sense or tell a story. That middle one is just a mess!


I went with a different sketch entirely, but it happened to be the first image in my mind, and actually includes both a bird AND a monkey. Go figure!