Monday Reads (on Wednesday)


Last week, the reading train got detoured by my toddler's attachment to photos of his cousin. They trumped most books, but this week we're getting back to more attentive reading. He seems really enamored with Pancakes for Breakfast and will read it solo. I'll have to try more wordless stories with him. And maybe less pancake-themed books. I'm SHOCKED he hasn't asked to eat them (we're a waffle house) but might whip up potato pancakes (or latkes, which appear in Hanukkah Lights!) tonight.

1.Pancakes for Breakfast: Tomi DePaola

2.Hanukkah Lights: David Martin / Melissa Sweet

3.Mostly Monsterly: Tammi Sauer / Scott Magoon - My favorite of the week!

4.If you give a Pig a Pancake: Laura Numeroff / Felicia Bond - I like this MUCH better than Moose-Muffin. Maybe it's because the pig is soooo cute. And her games seem to include the girl better than that ego-filled Moose. That, and I feel the writing is just better.

5.Curious George goes to the Chocolate Factory: Margaret & H.A. Ray.