Lilla Rogers: Global Talent Search, Round 1 Entry

I'm really excited to be entering the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search competition. I've been away from the world of licensing from a very long time, but in my absence I feel like I've really refined my overall style. (click the image for a bigger version, FYI)


Pulling from those roots of designing art for the scrapbooking and stationery market, I mixed my usual gouache style with a bit of texture and punched the color up BIG TIME. Regardless of the outcome, I'm glad I pushed myself in a new direction and got a small start on redesigning my branding.

Don't cry baby onion!


I've blogged about my baby veggies before. But I myself forgot aboutmocking them up for onesie designs until I was browsing my files. I really ought to print a few off for my own son. Baby Onion suits him these days, what with the teething and growing pains. If anyone knows where I could submit these for licensing - please, comment or DM me on twitter! Baby Veggies need a home.