21 Day: version3.20

Yes. My 21 day challenge has taken half a year. What can I say? I'm jumping back into the 'illustration for others' game after a seriously long hiatus next week. No time like the present to finish up the challenge and move on.

This came from Jennifer E. Morris' blog post this week - she used a technique from Kelly Light's character workshop at NESCBWI this year as a warm up - and challenged others to give it a whirl. Great fun! Next time Kelly has a workshop, I'm there!


Another Ripple makes 3 White Birds


I think 3 white birds rounds this group out nicely, what do you think?

This card was sold before I painted it (Thanks Laura Zarrin!) but when I paint another, I think I need to move on from my white bird obsession.

Please visit Ripple to see the amazing contributions in this month's Great American Illustrators. The art is still a bargain, and the cause is still really important.

Ripples in the mail, Justdoodleit


I received this beautiful envelope from India the other day. Every piece of the mail was lovely, not the least of which are these Ripple cards. Thank you Justdoodleit !

Please continue to visit Ripple - especially as this month is Great American Illustrator month. Have you seen the schedule? I'm excited for the big reveals to come, starting tonight!

Have you Ripple'd?


Have you contributed to Ripple yet? Just because it's no longer the Illustration Friday theme doesn't mean it's not still a fun and satisfying place to share your art - and for a great cause!

Stop by Ripple's blog to support the birds. The above card is flying to his new owner today - I hope to paint a few more but I'm busy with an illustration assignment for the next few weeks so it'll have to wait.

Illustration Friday: Ripple


For a donation of $10 to The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and The International Bird Rescue Research Center you can own this original gouache card, as well as a host of others by artists across the globe. See the details on Kelly Light's Ripple blog.

Here's to you Kelly, dear. I wouldn't have thought that by the time I got to painting a Ripple, I would be in the 300 series.

I am so impressed with Kelly Light's generosity and drive to make Ripple such a success.

Hopefully, I can paint at least one more card to add to the collective splash the wonderful art community is making.

Also, I've never seen a real Pelican. Certainly, my little boy hasn't. I truly hope we are able to do so someday, don't you?