Playing with Germs


I had an awesome time today painting a few of these germs I sketched last fall for Illustration Friday. I've wanted to loosen up and combine other media with my gouache for some time now, and this is the first time it felt natural and fun. The above germ is gouache, pitt-pen (ink), a little collage (nose), and colored pencil. He was my favorite of the three.


This guy was gouache, micron-pigma, and colored pencil.


And this dog-germ was just gouache, colored pencil, and crayon (Thanks for sharing Miles!).

I really enjoyed this, and will try it out on a more complex (non-spot) illustration. I actually felt lightheaded after I stopped, I was so excited by the possibilities. I think I need to bring back the colored pencils from the basement. That was my old medium of choice and it's nice to think that they could still have a place in my work.

Flashback Friday


This Flashback Friday brought to you by... Zombie Chickens in the Cafeteria!!!!!

You know, because it's almost Halloween.

This piece would make me laugh if it didn't make me cringe. Weird muppet-mouth kids, little orphan annie eyes, jellybean feet. I think I did this in 2002, just after I took my first (and only) illustration class and was still experimenting with style and technique. I still like the idea though!