Work Through It

Let's face it. We all have rough patches with work, for whatever reason. I guess I could think about how to avoid them more, but today I'm just doing my best to work THROUGH it. If I can shorten the life span of a rough patch by sketching a bridge overhead, then so be it!

Still playing with getting the right look and feel with black & white work - a mix of a graphite sketch and digital.

About Me


It's always a good day when you get new postcards in the mail, right? I think I'm extra-excited about these. The girl and scene are from my latest picture book dummy. I started writing the story in a waiting room a few years ago. It started out about ME, about being small. It is called, simply enough: I Am Small. More on this later...
Right before I picked these up off the front porch I updated a bit of my website. I rewrote my biography to reflect ME a bit more. I even included a favorite picture of myself - not the posed picture I used in a recent interview - something more ME. I updated the splash page to reflect art that is more ME lately - a newer style that combines sketchiness and controlled gouache painting.

Playing with Color (Media & Style)


Here we go again. Following up on my last post, playing with black & white, I'm experimenting with style! Nothing major. I'm starting with gouache, then adding a soft pencil layer on top in photoshop. I was playing around with all the different ways to 'add' a pencil layer and it brought me right back to my days as a compositor for animation. It's way more fun to play with effects on my own work. I've been painting for so long, I nearly forgot all my digital roots!


Here's a super close-up. I'm pretty excited about how this is coming together, especially for this picture book dummy project. It needs a more playful feel, and I think this might just be the look I was going for!