Yogurt, featuring 6 active cultures!


Before I settled on beets for my food show subject, I spent a lot (too much) time working on this yogurt concept. I had a flash of inspiration when I was painting my germs, and thought they would make equally cool bacteria, aka 'active-live cultures'. The stuff that makes yogurt good for your tummy.


This was my last draft. It never came together the way I pictured it. It became so complex and clumsy - I really prefer clean/simple compositions. Also, I did so much research that I got bogged down thinking they should look like the real thing. Perhaps I'll return to it, but I think I'd just let them all be purely imagined - like the dog, baseball, and backstroke bacteria.

Germs, Part Deux


I had a little time to play today, and in keeping with my personal theme of the week, I continued with germs (sort of). I pulled together a bunch of items I wanted to experiment with on a new piece for a gallery show coming up. Kraft paper (acid-free, scrapbooking), Modge Podge, Pitt Pens, Micron Pigmas, gouache, colored pencil, patterned paper, etc.

I quickly learned that Modge Podge creates a lovely looking, but useless to layer ontop of surface. I'd love to find a way to incorporate it at some point but think it needs to move to the back of the bus for now.


I learned that I just love the Pitt Pen for handling itself well layered under or over gouache. I have a fine point sepia. I might need to look at the whole range to see what's available. Don't you love an excuse to buy art supplies, it's been AGES for me! I adore drawing little frames, and once I put this together I had a major A-HA moment and out popped 4 new ideas. Woo-hoo!

I really enjoy this kraft paper as a substrate. It's got just a bit more tooth than my hot-press, that lovely fleck and soft hue. Gouache does pretty well on top, and teamed up with colored pencils and Pitt Pen, and the ability to just glue down hot press - it's the winning combo for my project - stay tuned!

Playing with Germs


I had an awesome time today painting a few of these germs I sketched last fall for Illustration Friday. I've wanted to loosen up and combine other media with my gouache for some time now, and this is the first time it felt natural and fun. The above germ is gouache, pitt-pen (ink), a little collage (nose), and colored pencil. He was my favorite of the three.


This guy was gouache, micron-pigma, and colored pencil.


And this dog-germ was just gouache, colored pencil, and crayon (Thanks for sharing Miles!).

I really enjoyed this, and will try it out on a more complex (non-spot) illustration. I actually felt lightheaded after I stopped, I was so excited by the possibilities. I think I need to bring back the colored pencils from the basement. That was my old medium of choice and it's nice to think that they could still have a place in my work.