Flashback Friday: Dance, Music, Theater


In late 2008 I created the above illustration for an arts organization trying to promote giving the gift of experiences via tickets to cultural events. I did a ton of sketches and went through several rounds with the client. Ultimately, I don't think they ended up using the piece which was really disappointing as it was a high-profile campaign. I'm more disappointed in the work itself, as I don't think it was easy to read - and probably why it wasn't used. The balance between giving a client what they ask for, and giving them a successful piece is always a challenge and in this case it got the better of me. The earlier concept sketches are below. My choice was #5, I think it was the least cluttered and most versatile.







Flashback Friday


This Flashback Friday brought to you by... Zombie Chickens in the Cafeteria!!!!!

You know, because it's almost Halloween.

This piece would make me laugh if it didn't make me cringe. Weird muppet-mouth kids, little orphan annie eyes, jellybean feet. I think I did this in 2002, just after I took my first (and only) illustration class and was still experimenting with style and technique. I still like the idea though!

Flashback Friday


Monoprint, 1996

Sometimes I get so focused on my children's illustration work that I forget that I've been creating art for a much longer time frame in all different media. The above is a monoprint from a printmaking course in college. I have a love and affection for all types of printmaking and while I never mastered ANY, I always enjoyed the rituals and surprising outcomes. This piece is so different from my current work but I see a bit of me within. Bold and simple composition, an attempt at a stylization and simplification of form. I'd like to try and do more Flashback Fridays, I have so many odd pieces that are fun to share.

Where have you been in your path as an artist?