And now for something fishy (and different)


I got together with a group of artist friends yesterday. All sorts of lovely things were spread out to make things with (Thanks, Vita!) I stared at three strips of color for a VERY long time, then slowly this picture emerged. I'd love to discipline myself to sit down once a week and work with cut paper and glue and see what happens. It was a really refreshing way to create an image.

Pufferfish Party: process


I don't normally work on final art digitally, but since getting a new tablet, I thought I'd start playing around with it. My daughter's first birthday is approaching, and it's the perfect time to try something new. Next time I play around I want to do it without the black outline - try to mimic my own gouache style instead.


This is the sketch - I don't usually create compositions this busy, but I thought I'd try something different on all levels.


This is a pic of the inked art - I used a copic multiliner. Thank you, Kathy Weller for recommending those beautiful pens!


This is a screenshot from the digital piece in progress - the colors were far more saturated and still mostly flat color fills.