And now for something fishy (and different)


I got together with a group of artist friends yesterday. All sorts of lovely things were spread out to make things with (Thanks, Vita!) I stared at three strips of color for a VERY long time, then slowly this picture emerged. I'd love to discipline myself to sit down once a week and work with cut paper and glue and see what happens. It was a really refreshing way to create an image.



After yesterday's rant on the PBJunkies blog, I combined good advice from friends (Thank you Laura Zarrin and Alicia Padron!) and stubborness and finished off my first dummy painting. Hooray!

I ditched the idea of doing the 'collage/assembly' bit digitally. My scanner and tablet stink, and it felt like I was climbing a mountain of slush (much like our NH weather this week!).

Will I change my mind again about this process? Maybe.

Am I REALLY done. Nope. Now I have to figure out how to photograph my work, ieee!

But is it progress? Yes. I think I'm on the right path. I like how things look. I'm moving forward. On to the next piece!


Working on my beets


I've been trying to translate my baby beets art and my experiments with mixed media into a piece for a gallery show. It's much slower to work this way. I'm new to all of the cutting, gluing, and generally working in a non-linear way.


I'm getting close to done. At least I think I am...

Boy, does this way of working make a lot more mess though! More to follow. I think I'm adding a framework of dots or squiggles and a few little details still.

Playing with Germs


I had an awesome time today painting a few of these germs I sketched last fall for Illustration Friday. I've wanted to loosen up and combine other media with my gouache for some time now, and this is the first time it felt natural and fun. The above germ is gouache, pitt-pen (ink), a little collage (nose), and colored pencil. He was my favorite of the three.


This guy was gouache, micron-pigma, and colored pencil.


And this dog-germ was just gouache, colored pencil, and crayon (Thanks for sharing Miles!).

I really enjoyed this, and will try it out on a more complex (non-spot) illustration. I actually felt lightheaded after I stopped, I was so excited by the possibilities. I think I need to bring back the colored pencils from the basement. That was my old medium of choice and it's nice to think that they could still have a place in my work.