Where do books come from?


Before becoming a mother, I had a very different picture of where books come from, and what families were reading. Now that I have a 1 year old, I feel like I was under a rock sometimes about the industry. Not that I ever claimed to be an expert, but there's nothing like motherhood to give you a new perspective.


Our books come from: My own collection from childhood through present day, the independent bookstore, the library, friends, family, book parties, toy stores, Old Navy, BJs, Marshalls, yardsales, and sooner than I can imagine - the scholastic book club.


I've grown to appreciate all kinds of books - reaching way past picture books. Novelty books are especially fun for a toddler. Last week we saw a whole shelf of "That's not my ..." Usborne books at the library, with multiple copies of most. I eagerly grabbed "That's not my Penguin" and it's been a hit all week. That fuzzy penguin belly on the cover is well loved by the local kids, it's evident in it's grimy, worn down appearance.

Have I missed any other places where books come from?

What We're Reading...

I've re-discovered my town's library this month. I had been trekking up to Portsmouth because I pay for a membership there and just adore it's big, new, shiny wealth of books, magazines and media of all kinds.

But that town library is so much closer. And with an infant it's nice to have a 3 minute drive rather than a 15+ one.

And that little library is quite nice. They have book bags full of infant/toddler books, ready to sling over your shoulder and check out - a very nice assortment too.

This week I think we're both enjoying this book:


The babies are beautifully drawn and my 8 month old son was drawn to it instantly. I can see why. It's all about babies and the things they do. Nothing like knowing your audience!

And who doesn't love a little girl who makes the old man of the sea look like a couch potato:


Also, since we're both fans of Leslie Patricelli, Higher and Higher. Which is fun but a VERY quick read. I do that she put her 'baby' character in the plane window...


And I can't say enough about Ba Ba Ha Ha. This was Miles' first book, and it still makes him smile and giggle.