Sneak Peek: Ducky


Here's a little corner of a new piece I'm finishing up. It's from a baby board book so I'm enjoying a bit looser and more textured feel for it.
I'm juggling a few fun projects, one of them is a BRAND NEW WEBSITE. It's long overdue. I have my Giant and Fairy postcards totally labeled and ready for posting, but I'm holding off until I get the website up - great motivation, right?

And away they go!


It was finally time to send these little monsters off into the world. I submitted my first dummy this week. I know it's the first of many. It'll be hard to switch gears and get those next projects in motion. I had to take a little moment here to celebrate their departure. I've put three years of love and time into this, and I am proud of finishing a task that seemed to insurmountable at times. Is this the end of the road for them? Of course not. I'm well versed in rewriting, resketching, and repainting by now. But it's a big step.

Other things are going on too. I'm waiting on a manuscript for an ed book to illustrate. That'll eat up much of the summer. I'll be taking a fun road trip up to Portland, Maine next week to see The Sketchbook Project. I'll keep writing for the 12 x 12 in 2012 challenge - I'll be halfway there once I get through the kinks in June's first draft. I'll be starting a new dummy. I'm not sure which one to switch to next. I think it'll be a little novelty board book that I wrote at the very beginning of the year. Not that I think it'll be ANY less challenging than my picture book dummy, but a very different feel to it.

So farewell my little monsters. I hope the world is kind to you.

Baby Sketches, and what's new

I started rough character design for a novelty board book manuscript I wrote earlier this year. Yes, I know novelty board books are a very hard sell. But I really can't control the ideas that come into my head now, can I?

I think I need to paint up that little Vitruvian baby, no? Or at least make him sepia toned like his grown up counterpart.

I've been juggling the writing on different projects in between painting up a big spread for my first picture book dummy. I had the grand realization that I can't collage at that scale the way I'd like. I think I'll be scanning all the painted bits and assembling it all digitally. I'll be sure to share the process once I make my way through it all!

What are you reading?


Miles is reading Jannie Ho's The Haunted Ghoul Bus (written by Lisa Trumbauer). He's getting great at turning pages and loves the bright colors and shiny spot varnish in this book.

I finished reading Lucky Breaks, a beautiful follow-up to Higher Power of Lucky. I actually forgot that one of the main characters was named Miles, can't remember if I was pregnant when I read HPOL.

Our rotation for naptime board books are Freight Train, Charlie Harper's 123 Book, and Leslie Patricelli's Quiet Loud. Every time I read Freight Train I marvel at it's structure and rhythm. And the illustrations in Quiet Loud charm both Miles and I. It's a new education for me, reading aloud with the age-appropriate audience. Books I may have passed over before because I wasn't drawn to them visually now stand out for their true, active value.

What are you reading?