Art Prints via Imagekind

I recently started an account on Imagekind. I love how easy and flexible the site is for buyers and sellers, alike. It also makes me feel good to see some illustrations I really love available for others to enjoy, especially since I've taken many off of my streamlined portfolio. It's also a nice way for artists to get prints made for themselves (or family!).
I'm considering making a few pieces available just for selling, and currently this is the only place to buy my work as a print.

Another Ripple makes 3 White Birds


I think 3 white birds rounds this group out nicely, what do you think?

This card was sold before I painted it (Thanks Laura Zarrin!) but when I paint another, I think I need to move on from my white bird obsession.

Please visit Ripple to see the amazing contributions in this month's Great American Illustrators. The art is still a bargain, and the cause is still really important.

Have you Ripple'd?


Have you contributed to Ripple yet? Just because it's no longer the Illustration Friday theme doesn't mean it's not still a fun and satisfying place to share your art - and for a great cause!

Stop by Ripple's blog to support the birds. The above card is flying to his new owner today - I hope to paint a few more but I'm busy with an illustration assignment for the next few weeks so it'll have to wait.

Tweet Tweet 2


And slowly I paint. I do paint very methodically - background to foreground, characters last. Describing it sounds dull, but it's my favorite part of the process - seeing the final picture emerging.

And to make more comments re: Twitter... I wish I had more time to tweet randomly throughout the day. I sort of tweet in bursts which is less than ideal for readers. Usually I catch up at naptime from my PC, or nursing time from my iTouch (which I am utterly addicted to since Miles' birth - perfect for new mommies, esp. if you nurse and need a quiet distraction to get you through the long nights).