IT'S GREAT BEING A DAD - Cover sketches

With one week to go before the release of IT'S GREAT BEING A DAD I thought I would share the process of creating the cover.
There are SO many characters in the book, that my first round of concepts was partly a game of 'how can I make them all fit':


I know what you're thinking. What is this mess? How can she read her own writing? I know. It's ugly and illegible but it's my process. And with more effort it leads to the next step...

A bit nicer, right? There are things that I still really like about each concept. Having Loch Ness in each concept really added an extra challenge. She made a great base for that creature pyramid though, right?

So after talking with my fabulous editor Samantha Swenson, I made some changes and refined a few ideas:

Sam focused in on the framed version, but without the frame:

Want to see the photoshop layers fly by? Watch this video of the cover, layer by layer!
You can preorder IT'S GREAT BEING A DAD on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or at your local independent bookseller (Indiebound can help!).

Art Prints via Imagekind

I recently started an account on Imagekind. I love how easy and flexible the site is for buyers and sellers, alike. It also makes me feel good to see some illustrations I really love available for others to enjoy, especially since I've taken many off of my streamlined portfolio. It's also a nice way for artists to get prints made for themselves (or family!).
I'm considering making a few pieces available just for selling, and currently this is the only place to buy my work as a print.