21 Day: version3.21 = done

Well, I was a little stuck as I sat down to work on day 21 last night. I thought I'd do what I did for day 1 - some character sketches. I'm feeling a little like the girl on the bottom left today. I took a book job and I'm anxiously awaiting the final manuscript. I'm in this weird in between stage - I just want to jump into the work!

I hope you try the challenge for yourself - and you finish it faster than I did this time around! Even if it doesn't form a new habit for life, it always jumpstarts me and gets the cobwebs out.

Please go visit Paola Zakimi's blog - she's just starting her second round of the challenge. Yay Paola! I love her kitty sketches for day 1!

21 Day: version3.20

Yes. My 21 day challenge has taken half a year. What can I say? I'm jumping back into the 'illustration for others' game after a seriously long hiatus next week. No time like the present to finish up the challenge and move on.

This came from Jennifer E. Morris' blog post this week - she used a technique from Kelly Light's character workshop at NESCBWI this year as a warm up - and challenged others to give it a whirl. Great fun! Next time Kelly has a workshop, I'm there!