Still Life, part1


Last night I attended a friend's Church's open-studio night. It was the first time they gathered to do this and I'm glad I participated. There were a few still-life setups in a nice open space with lots of friendly and supportive artists. I haven't painted on site for a few years so I dragged my frenchbox easel (which stinks badly of turpentine) and all my gouache supplies and did my best to sketch and paint the above in 3 hours. It needs about 3 more hours I think to finish it off. A great woven seagrass basket served as inspiration for the top pattern. It was a challenge on many levels for me and fun to just throw myself into something and not have the luxury (or curse) of being able to walk away from it. For next month's meeting I hope to have a better setup to paint comfortably as I like to hunch within an inch of my paper when I paint at home on my drafting table!