Spring Cleaning

Sometime last week I looked up from my work and realized... my office is a disaster! The room is one of two left in our home that has yet to be re-sheetrocked and trimmed out (this house had 2 layers of wallpaper in most rooms over unprepped wallboard so it ended up being easier to just put thin sheetrock over the walls rather than strip the paper and repair the serious damage to the walls.) So I've been dealing with what I find to be HORRIBLE wallpaper by just sticking stuff all over the walls with tape and thumbtacks. Another issue is the trim-less window. When we had new windows put in this winter we saved money by not paying for someone to trim the interior, my husband will do that sometime this spring. So I had tacked up an old shade, then pulled it off to the side rather than get a blind that will end up getting tossed in a few months.

So yesterday, when I should have been working on a poster for the NESCBWI conference, I cleaned. Here are some before and after pictures. Even Otto looks more peaceful in the cleaner space!
My drawing table and the former 'wall of crap'
The only remaining thorn here is tucked underneath - cables!
Ahh, that's better.