Speaking up


That confident girl in the sketch was NOT me as a child! Let me first say I was the type of student who didn't willingly raise their hand until say, post-college. That's not to say I didn't know the answer or have an opinion, I've just always had a hard time speaking in public. As I got into my mid-twenties I felt more confident and had less issues raising hands, leading meetings at work, and overall being a thorn in people's sides if it meant getting a job done (right). However standing in front of a group of strangers and being the focus is NOT my idea of a good time.

Normally I'm very good about promoting any events related to my career, us illustrators need to toot our horn and spread the word. I made an exception by not promoting an illustrator panel I spoke at last night because I was quite nervous about this, my first time presenting work. I really regret not spreading the word because it all went rather well and I really enjoyed myself (after the fact!)

The Merrimac Library in Merrimac, MA hosted myself and fellow illustrators Sean Bixby and Andy J Smith at a panel entitled 'Meet the Illustrators'. Sean and Andy are so talented - I enjoyed seeing their work and hearing their stories as much as the kids! The library is gorgeous, the staff so friendly, and everyone who came was attentive and so nice. I think the best part was talking to the kids afterwards. So fun to hear what they draw, what questions they have, what interests them. Boy, this is a feel good career, isn't it folks?

If you live in the area, be sure to check out Merrimac's summer programs. They have a lot going on and may just have a 'Meet the Illustrator's' event annually. Special thanks to my fellow artists, Tracy, and everyone who came last night!