Sneak peek at Gertie

A few weeks ago I finished a book, due out in Spring 2009. I'm free to share the artwork, and I'm looking forward to putting more up on my web-portfolio later this week. Until then, here are some spots:
One of two main characters (sisters).
Gertie the guinea pig getting a much-needed bath!
The final illustration for the book, a nice happy ending!

I really tried to punch up color for this book - there are very few scene changes in the book so I wanted to make color more of an action element - it's generally a fun, lighthearted story (with a positive outcome) so I wanted to keep it light. Usually I do a photoshop color study for EVERY page before painting but with almost every page I just went for it. Partly because I'm feeling more confident about color, and partly because of a very tight timeframe for finishes.