Sister Mary Peanut

Sister Mary Peanut: A very tiny nun who makes a very big friend.

I thought I would share some VERY rough sketches (thumbnails really) for my book dummy. After tossing around about 6 different ideas for books I've settled on this story enough to try and really put it together. I found that I was over-thinking certain parts of storytelling and totally missing other parts.

For weeks I was getting wrapped up in telling a BIG story with very well thought out characters and kept getting stuck for words. I've been reading lots of kids books the past few weeks and it finally sunk in that I didn't need this BIG complicated story. That freed me enough to go back to my 6 ideas, write a one-sentence summary and pick the one that seemed strongest. If I could describe the story in one sentence (with a little mystery) I thought it might work for a 32 pg. picture book.

And I know it's the 'wrong' way to start, but I did those thumbnails to help figure out key story points. I have a feeling I will write along with the pictures rather than letting the pictures come entirely second.