Seven Things


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.... super otto! This is a really old sketch. He's not really much of a superhero. Right now he's upset about the workers in the house again so he's mouthing his puppy bed and doing his famous high-pitched whine/cry.

So I've been tagged for the first time by Mike. Tagging sort of feels like chain mail. I don't know if I can tag 7 other people but I'll get a few for sure. Here we go:

1. I have something called Celiac Disease. It means that I cannot eat wheat, barley, or rye. This means no 'normal' bagels, breads, pastas, fried foods, etc. I don't love talking about it but I feel like the more people that know about it the less aggravating it will be for me someday when I tell someone that I eat "gluten-free". No, I won't keel over and die if I get a crumb from your butter on my GF toast. It's complicated but I won't feel well and I just need to stick to my diet 100%. And I'm proud to say that I haven't cheated on the diet for about 2 years now. Although I would kill for some fried clams this summer!

2. I was my husband's intern, how scandalous! It was my first job out of school and we liked each other for a very long time before dating. Well, maybe I liked him a lot longer. Either way we tried to be very professional and not let dating get in the way of work. We used to work together VERY well, that is no longer the case. How do you say, 'separate offices'? But we get along VERY well in life and that's more important.

3. The most exotic food I had before college was Chinese food. Going to Syracuse was great for making friends with lots of different ethnic backgrounds who shared their culture and cuisine. Now I absolutely love Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese food. To me, these are my comfort foods. And this works out great since most of their staples are gluten-free.

4. The first time I flew in an airplane I was 16 and I went to Ireland. It was an amazing trip. I was greatly influence by the hills and valleys with these delicate roads carved between. It was also where I had my first pint of guinness. I have been back twice since but I must return so I can see the Giant's Causeway.

5. My first car was an '81 Ford Granada. I'm not so old that it was actually a new car by any means. It cost $50 thanks to my Dad's junk auto business. He bought another one for $50 to repair a missing front end. Total cost for the car: $100. Total cost for car insurance for a 16yr. old in Massachusetts, $1600! I paid for it myself thank you very much with money from my bakery job. The car was chocolate brown and stalled everywhere it went. But I loved it more than the next 6 cars...

6. I talk and type too much (albeit quickly). Can you tell by the above 5 posts?

7.I will never ski again. I think. One bad trip with people on a ski team did this to me. I don't enjoy the feeling that I'm probably going to fall at high speed and injure myself. And isn't the whole point of a recreational activity to have fun?