Put a cork in it!


We have cork! Ignore the dust and weird marks from the camera. It actually looks quite nice. It was a very stressful day all around. The installer immediately said 'I can't do this job, you took the cork out of the boxes' to which I said, 'But that's what the instructions said to do'. Yeah. Things went downhill from there. We were told that we wouldn't have to have a threshold into the dining room oak floors but as luck would have it, that wasn't going to happen. This took all day, was EXTREMELY loud and distracting for work purposes and put poor Otto in the back room all day in his crate.

I'm happy with it and will enjoy walking on it in the morning with just my socks. As promised it is soft, warm, and absorbs sound nicely.

Thursday begins the cabinet installation, it's likely to be even more disruptive than this but hopefully not as stressful!