Promote, Promote, Promote

So I broke down (or wizened up) yesterday and invested in some additional marketing for myself. I joined and created another destination for my online portfolio. I really hope that it pays off as an investment in some good children's book work. Only time will tell!

I also sent out around 50 postcards today and boy did that feel good. Once again I used the fabulously cheap and speedy Vistaprint for printing. Considering 100 postcards cost me under $10 (I only paid shipping) and were in my mailbox in under a week I think it was a very smart idea. If you go here you can see an approximation of what I sent (I changed the font last minute to be more consistant with my website). They came out a bit too magenta but otherwise look great.

So now I get back to drawing and painting and hope that the wheels have been set in motion for new projects to come my way!