Pink Alliums, Part 1


This is a digital version of a design I used for my wedding shower thank you cards last year. I'm recycling it and expanding it into a licensing group.


I need to create a few more patterns to balance things out (green, tiny dots, maybe a fuzzy plaid) but I'm having fun with it.

Most of my challenges lately are mental. Not in a crazy way, just in finding focus and allowing myself TIME to play and learn. Yesterday I made a list of 20 different themes/collections I have in mind to create. I chose something that is sort-of client driven to work on but also would be fun and loose. I'm tend to work VERY controlled with my painted illustrations which makes me crazy once I try to make it vector. I'm learning to like this softer and sketchier style not just aesthetically, but also b/c I can execute it quickly and without arm/hand pain. It also feels less vector which makes me happier with the end product.

It starts to get very exciting because I have pages and pages in my sketchbook of flowers and patterns that didn't seem very worthwhile until I looked at it from this perspective. I felt a little stuck with the baby collection. Like it was too close to my children's illos but not as nice... Maybe I need to spend time developing floral work (totally saleable anyway!) and eventually the more iconic stuff will flow better for me.