Pineapple what?

I think with every new journey in life there should be a theme. For me, it seemed that 'Pineapple Diary' was just as fitting as any other. I'm starting this blog with the expectation that it is mostly a sketch-blog but also a great way to share and connect bits of my daily life and opinions with friends and colleagues.

Let me explain this whole 'pineapple' thing a bit: rewind to August of 2006. On the last day of our fabulous Hawaiian honeymoon, my husband and I ordered pineapples to send back to ourselves and family as edible souvenirs. We happily shared them a few days later at home. Not surprisingly, I had to find some type of 'Mr. Wizard' project for the remaining inedible bits. Apparently you can use the top of a pineapple to grow a new pineapple fruit! I couldn't resist a new little project. So currently I have a little pineapple top with excellent new roots sprouting. Even if everything goes well it will still take about 18 months to produce a ripe fruit. That's a long time for one piece of fruit but I thought it would be a lovely way to remember our honeymoon.

So as I start my new career path for 2007 as a full-time illustrator, I think I may take as long as my pineapple to really develop. Perhaps much longer, perhaps a lifetime. It's all a mystery and I hope to share the journey with anyone who is interested in what I'm putting out there.