Pen and Pencil


Singing my own praises a bit today. The sketch above is a detail from a nearly finished picture book dummy (I shouldn't really sing until it's 100% finished and submitted, though...)
Number 2 badge
I also did a happy dance when I got a #2 rating from Rate Your Story. *They rank 1-10 with 1 being the highest. I've submitted several manuscripts so far and really appreciated the accuracy (and generosity!) of their feedback. I sent a rhyming (yes, I KNOW) picture book manuscript last month with trepidation. This story went through several rewrites, edits, time ignored, internally dismissed as junk, then picked up and edited again. I lost all perspective on it, but I had a good 'feeling' about it. With a little more tweaking, I think this one will be ready to dummy up later in the year.