On holiday (sort of)


I'm finding that I'm deeply entrenched in too much work and too much life. I'm going to take a blogging break for a few weeks, so if you don't see me posting here or commenting on other people's sites (especially you 21 day'ers) that's the reason. I will still be posting weekly over on the PB Junkies blog, and I'm sure I'll finish up the last few days of my second round of 21 days when I come back. I'm hoping to come back more energized from this little break. I hope you all keep visiting other 21 day illustrator's blogs. I just added two more artists to the list. Yellow Kitty, who is taking on the big challenge of technique. And my good friend Barbara, who will likely continue to write fantastic entries over on her blog. Things that make you think about life, love, children, marriage, and horror movies.