NHCC Event: 100% Rag and Espinosa

For the 5+ years I've now lived in New Hampshire I've gone to several great events hosted by the New Hampshire Creative Club. Last night was another home run. After a long day of multi-tasking and a quick fedex drop-off, a night listening to successful illustrators was really uplifting.

Richard A. Goldberg, known to the licensing world as 100% RAG and Leo Espinosa of Studio Espinosa shared some of their amazing work and experiences with licensing. With backgrounds in commissioned illustration they offer a different perspective than many of the licensed artists I've come to know. They did a great job explaining the differences between Surtex, where 100% RAG exhibits, and the Licensing Show, where Studio Espinosa exhibits. They also did a great job fielding questions from the audience, even when they were on the verge of heckling (Doesn't that always happen at the illustrator talks?) Be sure to visit them over at Drawger - an amazing illustrator group blog.

I saw some great work and felt really bolstered by their talk. The big thing I walked away with was the idea of REALLY developing an idea and pushing it to wherever you want to go with it. Otherwise known as: THINK BIG. In fact, it sparked a children's book idea that I hope to work on soon. I'm really excited about it! Once I get out from under my mountain of work this week... Oh, and it was nice to see a few old coworkers and friends. I love working at home but it's always nice to come out of my little bubble into the rest of the world!