New Office - clean slate to decorate! (and other news)

One of the bonuses in preparing for baby in our home is that the last two 70's style wallpapered rooms are finally getting a makeover. My office will become the nursery and my husband's office becomes my new office (he'll be going 'mobile' with a laptop for the occasional work-from-home day). The new office has an extra window and a little more space. Here's a bad 'before' picture from when we first moved in 6 years ago:
What is hard to see is that the walls were damaged and hardly smooth under that ugly wallpaper, the ceiling, trim and baseboard heaters painted a shiny off-white (to enhance the popcorn texture????), and the windows... all the old windows were replaced last fall. Woodpeckers were actually eating the trim due to punky wood - the outside sill had all but been consumed! The new windows are great but to save money we opted to retrim the interior casings ourselves - not a small task for my husband.

Ahhh... Now there are smooth, newly sheetrocked white walls, new closet doors, window trim, and baseboard - all done by my very handy and long-suffering husband! I wish I took more inbetween pictures - because this really was quite the project. This week and next I'll need to move all my furniture and equipment into the new space and start decorating! I've never really had a NEW space to decorate just for myself, so I'm excited and overwhelmed. I usually prefer bold colors but I think to keep the space looking bright and clean I'll limit color to a bit of art and inpiration boards on the walls. One thing I'd love to have is either a big whiteboard, or a framed chalkboard for work - currently I just stick things in the walls haphazardly. I'd also like to hang that huge (and heavy!) mirror on the back of a door, great for drawing reference.

Other news - Be sure to visit the PBJ's all this week for a Dani Jones' The Best Mariachi in the World book celebration, including a giveaway!