New business cards?


I've had my mind on marketing this past week. One thing I REALLY wanted to update was my business card - I felt like the last one was just 'off' from how I wanted to present myself. I also need to work on getting my identity to look really consistent. I've definitely spent time in the past year experimenting and growing in different directions but now it's time to pull everything together - business cards, postcards, website, blog, etc. I'm going to sit on this design for a day or two before I rush it off to the printer.

A new business card seems overdue, especially when fellow artist, Nicole of Honeydew Studio, asked for them for a school project and I'm feeling a little embarrassed about mine. If you'd like to help Nicole out with her business card project, visit her blog for details - she needs over 100 artists business cards which is a tall order! Don't worry Nicole - I'm still sending you the old one, but now I'll have a new one to send too.