Nesting, Final Drawing

Before I start painting, I thought I'd share my final drawing for my thank you cards.
AND... before I forget (again) - Thank you to Ellen Crimi-Trent for the adorable birdy ornament she sent me at Christmastime. Did you know I just adore little birds (you do now!). His winter home is on my desk.

AND... Alicia awarded me with this:
And tagged me to list 7 things I love. I'm picking food things because I'm simultaneous ravenous and full (being 39 weeks pregnant today)...and it's just that time of the day, isn't it?

1.Vosges Chocolates - ridiculously expensive, and once you have them you'll be ruined for all other chocolate. The Goji Bar is my favorite. Not the type of bar you just wolf down...
2.Teriyaki Chicken Wings - the one's my mom makes.
3.Bean Tacos at Loco Cocos in Kittery, Maine.
4.Maui Gold Pineapple - fresh! It tastes like a flower, coconuts and the best of my honeymoon all in one. Only available to you lucky West Coast'rs or online for special occassions (I got my hubby 2 for our 2nd anniversary this year).
5.Fried Clams - I had these for the first time in 6 years this summer, because I'm lucky enough to be driving distance from Woodman's in Essex, MA where they make them gluten-free. Divine!
6.Freshly brewed loose leaf teas. Preferably from Upton Tea Company. I've been depriving myself of caffeine for about a year now, and even though I know how to 'decaf' the loose leaf stuff, I'd just rather wait until baby is here to settle back into the soothing ritual of brewing a nice cuppa.
7.Peanut Butter. I'm so thankful that so far this salmonella nonsense has not touched my precious super crunchy Teddy peanut butter. I disliked the taste of it during my first trimester and that was so upsetting! Nothing beats peanut butter on toast, any time of day/night.

I'm guessing most have you already have done this one so I'm tagging/awarding the following excellent bloggers - pick whatever 7 things you love and spread the love...
Vita, Kelly, Ann Marie, and Ellen