NESCWBI Workshop

Sunday I attended a NESCBWI sponsored workshop featuring Susan Sherman. It was limited to 2 local critique groups, since we are both fairly small in size we decided to 'share' the experience. The other group asked Susan Sherman, AD of Charlesbridge Publishing to give a short presentation and review portfolios.

Her presentation was excellent. A review of the process of making a book, specific to Charlesbridge. I learned quite a few new things about the process and the industry in general. It was a very organized presentation, as was the presenter. Susan reviewed portfolios in a group setting which I really enjoyed. Not only do you get to see each artist's work, you get to hear an art director's point of view and criticism. Sometimes when you get a short portfolio review you're left wondering what someone's comments mean because your knowledge of that person's style and mannerisms is so limited. This was an excellent group of portfolios, almost everyone was published and had a lot of strong work. Susan's comments gave me some good direction and food for thought. I definitely need to fill in the 'holes' of my portfolio so I can show publishers that I can draw/paint 'anything'. And with that, I'm getting back to work!

But first, let me thank (if you're out there reading!) NESCBWI, Marilyn Salerno, and the Acton Critique group for the day, it was excellent. I look forward to our next event together!