NESCBWI Many Voices Conference

If you haven't heard already, registration is open for this spring's SCBWI New England Annual Conference. I love that it was so easy to register online, and the postcard came early and is beautifully adorned with Nicole Tadgell's artwork. The theme this year is "Many Voices" and the offerings for illustrators is much stronger than in previous years, hooray!

I signed up knowing that this will be a big outing for me, leaving an infant at home for a very long day with my husband (thanks Kristian!) - I only wish I could take advantage of every day - particularly Sunday's Illustrator's Intensive on Graphic Novels. Gareth Hinds is part of this event (and a demo on Friday) and having seen him speak recently I know it's going to be a valuable experience for illustrators! Don't be thrown off if you're not a 'comic book' fan - the world of graphic novels is so varied and RELEVANT to our work as children's illustrators in today's market. I'm so jealous of anyone who gets to go!!!

I'm very excited for all the great workshops on Saturday and will be plotting my submission for this year's Poster Showcase. Thank you to everyone who works so hard to put the conference together - I know it's a yearlong endeavor. Having gone to the NY Winter conference last year, I have a renewed respect for how fantastic my local conference really is.