NESCBWI Conference: Frank Dormer (Think Before you Draw)

I'll keep this brief, because we should all just be drawing.


The above is an illustration by Frank Dormer. His workshop at this year's NESCBWI conference put the work back in workshop. Entitled, 'Think before you draw', he posed a very simple phrase and objects and asked us to draw for just a few minutes. Then we shared. Simple, right? Nope. Oh, it was fun to stretch my brain and think of a way to show something with really tight parameters. What will everyone else draw? What is unexpected? How can scale and environment tell the story? How can I do this without drawing a face on my egg? Yes, you had to be there. And if ever you see a workshop available to you with Frank at the helm, do sign up! He was warm and observant and planted little seeds in all of us in how to look at things differently.

Want to hear more about the conference? I blogged about it here the other day. I'll blog about it here tomorrow too.