Mystery Project - Missing!


Awhile back I signed up for a free Arthouse Co-op project (You know them, the Sketchbook Project people?). The Mystery Project! Ooooooh. Make art. Display it publicly. Photograph it.

Well, they sent me a 'french toast' Prismacolor marker and a prompt that said something like 'What if tomorrow came yesterday'. Um. Double downer for me. I'm SO not a marker person, and the prompt just gave me a headache. I overanalyzed and overplanned. I procrastinated.

The night before the deadline I joked with my husband about leaving art in the potato bin at my coffeehouse (aka natural grocery store, near me). He suggested a Missing! sign. Ten minutes later I was done.

I put him with the organic Yukon Golds (mmmm). Two hours later he was still there. We'll see if he's there on my next visit. Or if you recognize his location, go take him home with you. Or better yet - put him in another store's potato bin.