My brief cartooning career

My mother reminded me last month that I was a published illustrator many years ago - I think I was maybe 12 when I did the above drawings. Inspired by our late, great family dog Mr. Moose (a Bernese Mountain Dog) they were published in that breed's regional group newsletter. I've since lost or misplaced the comic strips I also did of Moose. They really aren't too impressive to me - I certainly don't think I missed a calling as a comic book artist or cartoonist. It was a form of visual storytelling and that has been a fairly consistant theme in my winding career path.

I got started on doing these as part of a great summer class my mom signed me up for at Scituate Art Association. (They still offer classes for kids - check them out if you live on the South Shore of MA) It was a long drive for my mom each week but it was such a great experience for me - Thanks Mom! Hopefully I'm as good a mom to my little boy that I make sacrifices of time and energy to support whatever his interests might be.